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GIFT SET 1-- include 1 bottle of Just Beet It (640ml), 1 x 300ml Limited Glasses, 1 x 330 Limited Glasses in a Festive Gift box.


GIFT SET 1-- จะมี Just Beet It (640ml) 1 ขวด + แก้วลาย Limited ขนาด 300ml 1 แก้ว + แก้วลาย Limited ขนาด 330ml 1 แก้ว ใส่กล่องของขวัญลายคริสต์มาสแสนน่ารักค่ะ


"JUST BEET IT" is our first uncategorized fermented beverage (UFB) where we experiment with fermentation and blending simple ingredients, turning them into a sophisticated & flavorful naturally crafted beverage. Subtle in earthiness from the Lacto-fermented beetroot elevated to a berry-prune sweet floral aroma with complex citrusy from green cardamom, all spices, nutmeg, coriander seed and clove. The journey ends with a well-balanced woody note from cinnamon and star anise. 

Together, let’s explore & liberate our sensories through fermentation.

*Non- Alcoholic Beverage, Bottle size 640ml


Health Benefits Perks:

- Beetroots contain nitrate, folate, potassium, magnesium, Vit A, Vit C.

- Nitric oxide from beets increases blood flow to your muscles and help your heart and lungs to work better during exercise.

- High in antioxidants from the betalains that give beetroots its vibrant color, help reduce inflammation and may help protect against cancer. 

Gift Set 1

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