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Don't get confused by the name, why do we name it 10,000 Miles Hops? In Thai, Sweet Osmanthus flower directly translate into 'the aroma from this flower travels a distance of 10,000 miles.'  To simply put it, this flavor of kombucha is so aromatic with both Sweet Osmanthus flower (Hom Muen Li) and Hops well infused into the kombucha.


คือรสชาติอะไรนะ 10,000 Miles Hops? เราตั้งชื่อจากส่วนผสมหลัก 2 อย่างนั่นก็คือดอกหอมหมื่นลี้และดอกฮอปส์นั่นเอง รสนี้บอกเลยว่าหอมสมชื่น


Nutrition Information Per Bottle 240ml:
Total Fat 0g

Total Energy 30 kcal

Sugar 6 g.

Unpasteurized. Vegan.Soy Free. Dairy Free. Gluten Free.

10000 Miles Hops Kombucha

  • 1. Kombucha are unpasteurized & must be refrigerated.

    2. Due to natural fermentation, trace amount of alcohol no more than 0.5%

    3. For best taste, we recommend to consume by the "enjoy by" date which is within 8 months after bottling date. 

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