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This is a trial set for people who want to try all our kombucha flavors!


Available flavors & beverage to choose from:

- Honey Lemon Hops Kombucha 

- Shiso Plum Kombucha 

- 10000 Miles Hops Kombucha 

- Orange Cinnamon Kombucha 

- Thai Thai Kombucha 

- Passion Fruit Turmeric Ginger Kombucha 

- Ginger Fizz

- Coffee Kombucha ( Addition 5.-/bottle apply to Coffee Kombucha) สำหรับ Coffee Kombucha เพิ่ม 5.-/ ขวด


* Bottle Size 245ml
** If you wish to select your own flavor combination, please write us a note :)


Box Size S- 6 Bottles

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