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let's take a journey to learn more about your own body

Everyone is different especially when it comes to the type of microbiome we have in our gut, this differences can be up to 90%. So the exact healing diet for you would be unique to you, and it is a life time learning journey.

Let's take this journey together and let us help you move onto a healthy diet & lifestyle and knowing your body more, after all, that is the only thing we have to take care of forever :)

Unlike food allergy when only a trace amount can triggered your body to react. Intolerances to food happens gradually, but it is more common than you think.

This is when your body find it hard to digest certain type of food and result in discomfort physical reaction. The common reaction is bloating, gassy, stomachache, diarrhoea, skin rashes a few hours after eating. The cause is rather hard to identify given that a snack/ a meal can contain many factors especially if they’re heavily processed. Causes can be MSG, artificial sweeteners/flavors/color, preservatives, contamination in food, histamine, alcohol. The best way to diagnose your food intolerance is to observe and monitor yourself, then cut on the suspected items for a few weeks, then start to reintroduce it in your system and see the result. Sometimes your body can take a certain level of that particular food, but more than a certain amount, your body will react.

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