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COFFEE KOMBUCHA for coffee lovers & kombucha geek

This summer, we’re super excited to announce the launch of our new flavor, Coffee Kombucha, a collaboration project with one of Thailand’s best specialty coffee roaster, Roots Coffee.

Our brewers love Roots Coffee! This has been an inspiring journey to explore different beans and brewing techniques over the last few months to co-create our Coffee Kombucha that bring out the character of coffee as well as the tangy touch of the kombucha. The result? We’ve created a lightly sparkling & caffeinated new kind of coffee refreshment, perfect from morning till afternoon for body & mind booster.

Our brewers are not an expert of coffee more than the fact that we are addicted to them. So we let the specialty do their part while we do our. Did you know Roots coffee take parts in supporting coffee farmers from nurturing the coffee trees, overseeing the drying/ fermenting processes until the beans reach their roastery. It’s these little details that you just have to be sure it’s done right & some process just has no short cut, something kombucha brewers like ourselves can definitely relate to with fermentation.

Curious about the benefits of Coffee Kombucha? Yes, your gut & body still benefits from the probiotics, high anti-oxidants, organic acids and in addition, the caffeine! Each bottle of our Coffee Kombucha contains 100mg/ caffeine, it is low calorie with just 45kcal/ bottle, sugar of 9g, 0% fat. This is definitely your new kind of healthy coffee refreshment.

Some advise to get a full experience of drinking our Coffee Kombucha. Naturally coffee has crema and essential oil, this make our Coffee Kombucha have more foam than any other flavors. So please be sure to sufficiently chilled the bottle after you received your order and we recommend to take the bottle straight out of the fridge before opening. Please don't shake the bottle before opening. Slowly pour into a glass and you will get the perfect lightly sparkling Coffee Kombucha with foam head at the top of your glass. Cheers!

Try our Coffee Kombucha today at every Roots’s outlets or order online for delivery at our website

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