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How committed & dedicated are you to your health?

We all want to stay committed to taking care of our body, but often times we slip and lose focus, after all we’re all human being. But if we want to have a long and fruitful life, we have to stay committed to looking after ourselves both physically & mentally.

Easy to say, harder to do, able to stay dedicated require one strong mind and that mind need to really believe and stay passionate about it.

We can’t force something on ourself especially when it comes to a lifestyle change. If we don’t truly believe in it, after a while we’ll give up and all what we have done will probably goes to waste (time, effort, money.) Looking after ourself isn’t about following a trend, but it’s our own long term investment. But if we’re truly passionate about this dedication, our commitment won’t feel like its a burden, but it will become a self achievement to ourself.

Here is some ways we came up to help you stay dedicated:

1. Set your Motivation & The Benefits you want: E.g. Loss weight, reduce/ manage your diseases/ disorders, live a healthy life.

2. Set your Priority Right Again: E.g. while we have 3 hours of Netflix everyday, we say we don’t have time to exercise. Why can’t we spare 30 mins of exercise/day?

3. Set an Action Plan: Commit to your sleep, diet, mood management.

4. Evaluate & Reward: Give yourself a month of solid dedication and reflect how your physical & mental improves. Do you sleep better? Do you have better mood? Do you work better? Does your bowel movement improve? If so, give yourself some reward and keep on the good work!


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