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We are as unique as our Gut Microbiota

Human Microbiota made up of trillions of cells (bacteria, viruses, fungi), which play a huge part of in our body ecosystem. The Microbiota population resides mostly in our gut and the types of our gut microbiota are unique person to person since there are over 3 million genes known. This unique microbiome in each of us can effect a person in 4 ways:

1. NUTRITION: Gut microbes help digest food, absorb nutrients and take energy from food. Someone who has a diversified diet will have better diversity of microbiota also.

2. IMMUNITY: We acquire our microbes from our encounters with microbial along the way, known as adaptive immunity.

3. BEHAVIOUR: Gut microbiota is known as our “second brain,” the activities in our gut effect not only our digestion, but also our emotions. Hence, when you can feel ‘butterflies in your stomach’ your gut is indeed signalling a physiological stress response.

4. DISEASE: The good and bad bacteria populations in your gastrointestinal system (GI) has provide insight into many diseases as well as how your body balance energy, brain development and cognitive function.

Your body is your ecosystem, look after your gut, grow & maintain your gut microbiota.


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